07 November 2005


So most of the weekly adverts (Best Buy, etc.) seem to be indicating that "Gun", by Activision, is coming out this week. So after checking out what some gaming websites have to say I decide to investigate the "official" website via Activision.com. Imagine my surprise when after navigating to Gun on the site menu when I get a message asking for my birthday and credit card number.

Let me get this straight. You want my credit card number to verify my age? How the hell does that work? Is that even legal? Well, sorry Activision ain't gonna happen. The PC version of Gun better have an autopatcher or there may be some seriously pissed off gamers.

By the way, to bypass this all you have to do is right-click on Gun in the game last, select copy link address and paste it in your address bar. Take that, biatches!


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